Well Campers, here we are back in Germany for a nine day tour which will take in Worms, Frankfurt, Lorrach, Ludwigsburg, Viersen and Dortmund - there are a couple of travel days so we are not playing every night. We are functioning as an eight piece: Jonty, Will, Leisa, Richie, Ben, Hester, me and Dave - plus Viola tour managing and Verena doing sound.

I was up with the lark at 6 AM as our plane wasn't leaving till 10.30 which is just about do-able from where I live. The first person I bumped into was Hester, who wondered if I wasn't wearing make up (I was!). Preparing for my latest film in the airline toilets, I had taken the liberty of applying some pan stick to my face as I'm really starting to look my age and I needed to roll back the years to play a DJ.

DJ Brooke Turner in da House (sorry toilet)

I have now been rechristened 'Peter Pan' by the girls. Since the plane was half full I managed to get my 'shots' and relax for the rest of the short flight to Frankfurt.

We were met by Viola, our tour manager - Jonty was, as usual travelling in from Hamburg. He told us that he had just passed his German citizenship exam with flying colours (he must have picked up his German entirely in bars!) so he'll be still be able to move freely around Europe as will Leisa and Will who have obtained Irish passports through their Irish ancestry. The rest of us will presumably have to wait in the loooooooonnnnggg queue at passport control with the Russians, Romanians and Vietnamese (my own stab at getting a Portuguese passport (I was born there) came to nothing since I dont speak Portuguese, nor could I pump €500,000 into the Portuguese economy).

There was some discussion about whether we'd played Worms before, I definitely remember it, as I was still living in London at that time and I clearly recall buying an Egyptian statue in a shop here for my Dolphin With Wings video which I made in 2011 - so it must have been then. We had a fairly easy hour long bus journey to our hotel.

One of the things I love about Europe is that people live right alongside their history - the town of Worms is very old, although the theatre here is modern - it was here that Martin Luther, the founder of Protestantism was declared a heretic in 1521 and according to Wikipedia it has the oldest surviving Jewish cemetary in Europe! Here we are walking to the gig past the old city walls (I think).

Setting up for soundcheck - we have started playing 'Dick Barton' again - a song which we used to play back in the village halls way back in the early naughties - it felt good to get a new song in the set.

After soundcheck we all went out to eat at the local Schnitzel place - the 'Schnitzelhutt' - and yes, you can guess what most of us had to eat - its good to be back in Germany!

The gig went over really well, despite the fact that some of us had been travelling all day (Hester had got up at 5AM). Some old friends came by the merchandising stand to say hello.

After we had packed up, we wandered around looking for a bar to have a quiet drink in - Worms might be a lot of things but it ain't a party town- Saturday night and the place was like a morgue. We evenually found a quiet place to have a few drinks and then back to the hotel - we've got an early gig tomorrow, back in Frankfurt Campers so I'll see you then.


  • Karin Seel
    Karin Seel
    A warm welcome to you and your colleagues,I`m looking forward to your concert in Cologne.

    A warm welcome to you and your colleagues,I`m looking
    forward to your concert in Cologne.

  • Peter
    Thank you Karin - I'll be getting up early for that one too - see you there!

    Thank you Karin - I'll be getting up early for that one too - see you there!

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