Travel - Dreieich to Torgelow

According to Viola (tour manager) the reason we had to travel such an insanely long distance yesterday (610km) was because this German tour is bookended by two gigs (the first at Bleckede and the last at Torgelow) which are both part of the same festival - 'Festpiele Mecklenburg-Volrpommern' - hence the need to fill up the days between these shows with gigs (if that makes sense?). Tomorrow is the last gig of this tour  - not too far from where we started off - although we will fly out of Berlin.


Goodbye Dusseldorf

Hello Dusseldorf Bahnhof (again)

Off we go - the train journey took four hours approx.

 Yawn, zzzzzzz - yes, thats the sound of travel 'broadening my mind'.

That was a fun four hour trip - looking forward to that 3 hour bus journey!

Crowds at Berlin station

In reality, the train and bus journeys were pretty comfortable, so no complaints there.


I was just about able to make it out for a few beers and a fish supper - we are right up on the Baltic, near to Denmark and Poland and the weather is cooler - thank goodness.

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