Saturday Night in Dortmund

We were up and at 'em for an 11 am departure for the fairly short train journey to Dortmund. Here we are assembling in the foyer.

And straight into taxis (in the pissing rain) to take us to the tiny station at Viersen, to take a local train to Duisburg and then change trains onto the express train to nearby Dortmund - a couple of hours of travel.

Changing trains at Duisburg, Dave had an interesting chat with Verena (our German sound tech, in red anorak and bobble hat) - she grew up in East Germany before the wall came down and she is always brightly dressed. He wanted to know if it was because East Germany was quite a drab place back then? I mused to myself that the next time we play Dortmund, another wall will have gone up - Britains exit from the EU......

The weather has been intermittently mild and cold - it had turned snowy by the time we reached Dortmund (above) and settled into our hotel.

On tour - sleep really is king, although I had slept well on our second night in Viersen (in my Edward Hopper room) as I lay on the bed in my hotel room in Dortmund, I felt myself drifting off and had a good 40 minutes very deep sleep. I awoke, super refreshed and made my way with Ben to the Konzerthaus. As usual, there was a splendid table of goodies for us to replenish our strength after the arduous five minute walk from the hotel.

Viola chats to the in house programmer, supercool, multi lingual Mr Christian (who unintentionaly makes me feel like some kind of a provincial bumpkin/rancid road animal) who has booked us pretty much for the last five years - and we reciprocate - we'd sold out the house (1700 seats) and we have become fond of this audience and this city. He told us that heavy hitter Japanese pianist Mitsuko Uchida had been rehearsing in the building the very same afternoon.

The Konzerhaus, is plush and modern - with raked seats, all with a good view - the sound is superb.

Eating our dinner before the show

All the ushers wear these beige outfits and are super efficient.

Just before we went on I took this photo - this was the last gig of this nine day tour and it was good to go out with a bang - what a fantastic audience and a great show - lots of people popped by to say hello at the merch table afterwards.

And finally, the theatre was packed and they'd even sold seats behind us, backstage - Dave noticed this guy who was able to SEE us (just) backstage and from the front as well.

Well thats its for this tour, we're back in Cologne on the 13th February.

Thanks for reading! Adios Campers.........


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