Review 2018

Well Campers, these two gigs (Harrogate and Leeds) are the last two we will play this year and its been a pretty full one. I've had a couple of weeks off, enjoying being at home, the family all went out to see the Bohemian Rhapsody film which was a fun movie. Checking it out online, it turns out its the highest grossing music biopic ever - beating Straight Outta Compton, the NWA film.
That can't be bad givien that its technically an LGBT movie about an Asian superstar.
Looking at the Spotify top 50 you'd think Hip Hop ruled but its a different story on the road and Rock still gets the punters in.
Next year looks pretty full for us as well, and while we don't gig as much as we used to, the venues are generally bigger now. The band still puts on a good show and gets asked back a lot - before we've even done our March/April USA tour, I understand that the band is being booked again in 2020 (if I'm still alive then). The show has changed too, in subtle ways, since we lost Kitty, where she brought 'the darkness' - we're all now constantly getting the audience to clap along, singing etc - that's change I suppose.
As for the ukulele itself - there now seems to be a ukulele orchestra in every single town, village and hamlet on the planet - I remember when I was the only person I knew who played, and meeting the Ukes was amazing as it meant that there were other non square people playing it as well.
We'll see how it goes next year............

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