Olten, Switzerland

I was up at 6am to catch the train to London City Airport for two UOGB gigs in Switzerland.  London City Airport is pretty much of a breeze for me, since I can catch the train to Stratford and then take the tube to the airport. Walking into the airport I immediately bumped into Doug, our english sound guy who is doing the gig, rather than Verena, our german sound tech, who is still doing her theatre management course. Met up with the other Ukes in the Cafeteria

Olten, where we are playing is about an hour away from Zurich

Walking to the gate


This was our plane to Zurich (Embraer 190), since I have a vague interest in aviation, I looked it up and its a plane of brazilian manufacture.

The Thames looking stately in the distance

On arrival at Zurich we found ourselves waiting at the baggage carousel with what Dave called "a proper orchestra" - I wonder where their gig is tonight?


We then hooked up with Jonty, who had flown in from Hamburg and had an hour long bus journey to Olten.

Jonty's tattoos - I particularly like the mosquito on his neck.

Arriving at Olten

Feeling pretty knackered after an early start, I fell into a deep sleep for the hour before soundcheck, despite the building works going on across the road.

Stadtheater, Olten

I'll give you three guesses what we're doing here

Both the theatres we are playing are quite small - 400 seats (or 408 if you count us) and the show had sold out. The weather in Switzerland is still pretty warm and humid, and so it was pretty hot on stage.

Walking to the restaurant for our pre gig meal

The show went well and we were well received right from the off. Apparently, ours was the first concert in a series: part of the local town festival and we were told that there would be lots of civic dignitaries in attendance. After the first number, when we got a rapturous round of applause, Dave turned to me and said "they've been drinking" and I guess he was right!

After the show, we were invited out for drinks with the theatre director (centre) at a local bar, an invitation we accepted with alacrity - Swiss bar bills are pretty expensive.

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