I Ate Richard Thompsons Cheese

For our second gig in August, we headed up to the Towersey festival in Oxfordshire, which is an amiable place to spend the weekend - fairly mellow and middle aged, so right up our strasse. It's a folk festival and its been running since the mid sixties without a break and I had no recollection of having played it before, until Hester reminded me that she remembered it well, because it was here that I had stolen the cheese of the great British folk maestro, Richard Thompson, the last time we played.As I recall - I had arrived late and missed our meal, whereupon, passing by the various artists dressing rooms (in reality, merely partitioned off sections of the large marquee we were all playing in) I espied a superbly laden board of fruits and cheeses (plus condiments) in the dressing room marked 'Richard Thompson' who I noted from the tv monitor, was performing his set onstage at that very moment. Since his dressing room was deserted (and I was starving) I nipped in and helped myself from the tempting smorgasbord of ripe brie, matured gouda and vintage cheddar - plus a few grapes to help me on my way. I've often wondered if Richard ever found out that his cheeseboard had been 'compromised' and if he did, and by some incredible coincidence, he reads this, then all I can say is - 'Richard - Bon Appétit" 

It was hot in our dressing room

As I said Towersey is pretty tame as a festival and a long way from the way festivals used to be with drugs, dogs on string and all the cliches of the sixties pop festivals. Indeed Will's son, Otis was attending and camping at the Reading festival, which is a much younger and more hardcore festival experience - apparently someone had been sick on his tent in the middle of the night and he and his girlfriend had had to abandon the camping idea and stay in a nearby hotel.

This band were called the Dung Beatles - not sure why as they were very good and did and did pretty accurate covers of you know who....

Changing room

 Another view of our stage

Good food too

Soundcheck - or more accurately - a brief line check before we played 

View from the stage straight after our line check - note the clock on stage - festivals run a pretty tight schedule. 

and a quick photo leaving the stage after the gig - it had filled up a bit.

 A quick drink after the show - Wills other son Sid is on the left and Hester's husband Nathan is on the right. We also bumped into Matt Hicks (green t shirt) - our longtime friend from the League of Ukulele Gentlemen 

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