I like Edinburgh, its been five years since we were last here, we had just got off a plane from Lerwick in the Shetland Islands when I got the news my Dad had died, so I didn't play the last concert at the Queens Hall, but took the train straight home, Kitty was still playing with us then, a lot has changed in the past five years.......

a view from the train

The journey up from Kent was pretty long (via London) and the London-Edinburgh train was very crowded, with an hours delay at York, due to someone being 'hit by a train' according to the announcement. As a consequence, Leisa, Will, Dave and I went straight to the theatre, rather than dumping our bags at the hotel, which left us all feeling a bit wired and stressed. Jonty only arrived from Hamburg (where he lives) a couple of hours before the gig (he was delayed too). I had planned to have an early supper with my cousins, but had to meet them after the show instead.

Leisa, Will, Dave and I arrive at the stage door

Anyway, we're BACK, and the Queens Hall is a lovely place to play, its quite small, unlike the venues we play in the US or Germany, but very intimate. It was good to have Hester back in the ranks (she didn't do the US tour) and she was on good form, and after some gentle ribbing, was straight back into her groove.

Doug doing his thing at the sound desk

"Ready to Rock" is the appropriate expression I believe

Signing after the show

The Mount Ro al Hotel

Our hotel, a Mercure, was in the centre of Edinburgh on the Royal Mile (and missing a letter from its sign) thankfully it wasn't too far from the venue. Despite all the stress it was a really good show and a full house.

When you're part of a group hotel booking, like we are, you never know what sort of a room you will get, we call it 'room roulette' and last night I won big - with a beautiful view of the fire escape.

In the morning, I went out for breakfast and a stroll round the town - here's the monument to Sir Walter Scott, the famous Scottish 19th century writer, who 'rebooted' Scotland and its traditions. It's probably a bit much to blame him for shops like this (below) but there are many on the Royal Mile, all selling the same Scottish kitsch (probably made in China!).

We're off to Glasgow today and I'll try and post something from there Campers - Stay tuned.

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