Day 7 Travel Chicago - Kansas

Rich and Ben at 5.45am

After our show in Bloomington yesterday, some of us went out for a quick drink with Ellen Campbell (longtime friend of the Ukes) and some of us went back to the hotel. Reason? - we had an extremely early start (5.30 to leave for 6am) to get to Chicago to catch a flight for Kansas - a four hour drive, so just when I was getting used to US time and NOT getting jet lagged anymore - it felt strange to be zonked all over again.

By 6.05am we hadn't seen any sign of driver LaFaye, who had come to the gig the night before, so Jodi rang her in her room. She said that since we would be driving to Chicago, we would in fact GAIN an hour as we were moving time zones and that there was no need to rush! Well, it,s better to be early than late and as there was no gig in the evening, it didn't matter (much). 

Dawn breaks

While we were stopping off on the four hour drive, Jonty and I saw an American eagle flying overhead - they are magnificent birds and naturally I'd left my phone in the bus so couldn't take a picture.

LaFaye, our driver, had been slurping coffee from a giant thermos, so we stopped off several more times for her to go to the loo on the way to Chicago - the same old bumpy roads. While you can get good coffee in the States, Americans like to drink it a lot, so the stuff you find in hotels, airplanes etc is generally the watery stuff and not strong at all. If it were - everybody would be completely wired!

Another stop - here's some pictures of trucks.

Jonty sleeps

On arrival at Chicago O'Hare, we said goodbye to LaFaye, who gave us all a cute little blessing (God go with you and protect you) and a hug and then we went into the airport to get some breakfast. 

Brontosaurus skeleton

Breakfast at the airport

Another plane journey - I think we've got 14/15 left on this tour? On the positive side another page can be torn out of the 12 page schedule and discarded.

Arrival in Kansas City

We jumped in taxis to get to our hotel - the same place we've stayed the last few tours, conveniently placed a short ride to the venue, Johnson County College, where we last played in 2016

We are at the same hotel that we've stayed at for the last few tours - in the middle of a highway, not far from the gig (the nearest Walmart is a mile up the freeway).

After having a sleep in my room, to catch up on sleep I joined the crew in the hotel bar for some food and drink. - gig tomorrow.

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