Day 29 Probably the best Birthday ever!

This is Courtney, our driver for yesterday and today - she really took one for the team last night, when, instead of resting up for the long drive ahead - insisted on coming to see our show. She also asked if she could have a group photo with us and her standing beside her bus. Very sweet Lady...

Touring is best described as like being on a submarine, ordinary life is going on back home, as I well know from having called home and spoken to my family - who read out the various birthday cards that had arrived for me; but we are all stuck in this weird tunnel of endlessly repeating: hotel, travel, backstage and show.

So today was my 61st birthday, of course, I knew before I came out here, that I would be travelling today - we had an eight and a half hour drive to our next gig in Lincoln, Nebraska. Forearmed is forewarned, of course, and I wasn't disappointed or anything - the main thing is I will be back home in time for my daughter's birthday next week, with enough candy to keep her and her friends buzzing on E numbers for the next few weeks.

Memorial to the Armed Forces of the USA - they've also defended our butts in Europe, lest we forget.....

Sometimes, I see on local TV, when auditions are being held for 'Britains Got Talent' or 'X Factor' - queues of thousands of hopefuls, all up for a stab at stardom. The reality is always different - we are a reasonably successful, international touring band (by that, I mean we are all earning a living at it) but we have to travel to make the benjamins. Record sales for most bands have tanked since the advent of streaming and we've not even been able to bring merchandise with us due to the withholding taxes we'd have to pay on our sales. Ergo - 'Hit the Road Jack".

I can't really slag off the place we broke for lunch, I mean there are loads of overpriced eateries on motorways in the UK, but it wasn't great food - but at least it wasn't expensive either. The day just kept getting better and better

I saw a big tube on a lorry

We finally arrived in Lincoln, Nebraska for our last show at 5.30pm, not bad going - we'd left at 9am but taken plenty of breaks along the way.

Flag and Lincoln

Arrival at our hotel in Lincoln, Nebraska

After we'd arrived and cleaned up - we all went out for a bite to eat and to celebrate 'Mon Anniversaire' at a Ramen bar - I was so pooped that I was back in bed in my hotel room at 9.30 and asleep in a few moments - last show tomorrow.

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  • Rich Egerton
    Rich Egerton
    Happy Birthday, Peter! It's been a fascinating tour blog as always.

    Happy Birthday, Peter! It's been a fascinating tour blog as always.

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