Day 26 Bus/Train Laramie-Denver-Cedar Falls IA

Breakfast at Laramie

The warnings about the snowstorm the previous evening duly came to pass with the news, late last night, that our flight out of Denver -  to Cedar Rapids, had been cancelled, so we booked another flight (which got cancelled as well).

In lieu of all this uncertainty - the decision was taken to take the train overnight to Ottumwa, Iowa (a 13 hour journey, and the nearest place to Cedar Falls on the train) and then hire a bus to drive us to our destination. We have a workshop and a gig in the evening tomorrow - we got in touch with the organisers to cancel the workshop and just try and get there for the gig.

Talking to one of the hotel staff - the main problem with the weather around here is not so much the snow, but the wind, which is very fierce and can quickly build up huge snow drifts, which in turn can block the roads, runways etc.

So with that in mind we got on the road at 11am to get to Denver, ahead of the weather - it was snowing quite hard by the time we left. Our driver was Russian/American was pretty careful as we went through a lot of fog and snow.

Thank goodness the bus that came had proper forward facing seats - although Rich and I discovered that the back seats didn't have seat belts.

We stopped near Fort Collins for a loo break and then straight back onto the road to beat the encroaching snowstorm

Whiteout out the window 

Until we finally arrived at Denver Union Station - it was damn cold.

A good looking old fashioned station - I hadn't taken an over night train since I was a child! 

Here are the Ukes - looking confused, we had three hours to kill before the train (which starts in Los Angeles and ends in Chicago) came in.

The station was pretty comfortable, with good seating - there was a mixture of regular travellers and down and outs keeping out of the cold. Ewan, drifted off to sleep, only to be woken up by a policewoman, as its against the law to go to sleep in the station.

So we settled ourselves down in the station to wait the three hours till it was time to get on the train - this is ukulele base camp!

When you're tired, things tend to come at you sideways, so I somehow found myself staring at this, a cup of coffee and a Cheese Danish pastry, which I realised I had wandered off and bought in a moment of madness.

Here's us getting on the train, we were all sharing bunks, and in deference to my size, I'd been allocated a room with Rich which had a slightly bigger bed

Although I was dreading it, it turned out to be pretty comfortable - also our dinner and breakfast the next morning were included in our ticket price.

So here are the Ukes at dinner!


  • Phredd
    Wow! You had a real old west adventure. Glad you are safe!

    Wow! You had a real old west adventure. Glad you are safe!

  • Peter Brooke Turner
    Peter Brooke Turner
    Thanks Phredd - yes we’re all well and getting ready to play Decorah.

    Thanks Phredd - yes we’re all well and getting ready to play Decorah.

  • Philip Bryer
    Philip Bryer
    The things you do for art...

    The things you do for art...

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