Day 16 McCallum Theater, Palm Desert CA

We are on day 16 of the tour and so far we are 7 gigs, 10 flights, 8 hotels down: - only 9 gigs, 7 flights, 9 hotels to go. After the day off yesterday (where I did nothing again) I’m feeling pretty refreshed, the weather has been warm in San Diego and its been nice walking around without a jacket, however when I do put on my 'light' jacket (as opposed to my heavy jacket) I have been asked several times if I was in the military?  Everybody here is obsessed by it, and you get plenty of perks if you are in hotels, airports etc. The next time I get asked - I might just try it on - mumuring 'special forces' and seeing where it gets me? You could never get a tv programme like 'Mash' or 'Sergeant Bilko' made these days, it would be considered way too disrespectful!
We had a three hour bus journey up to Palm Springs from San Diego for our next gig (or more correctly Palm Desert) - here we are stopping for coffee and a toilet break. I heard a horrible story about a young British band from Liverpool, Hers, who were killed on the way to a gig in California yesterday, I hadn't heard of them, but I shall make sure I've got my seat belt on for the rest of the tour.
Bob Hope Drive - he used to live here and if memory serves me correctly we will fly out of Bob Hope Airport tomorrow.
The Ukes make their usual sophisticated entree into Palm Springs, we've been here 2/3? times before (I probably took exactly the same pictures) the whole place is bone dry (the clue is in the name - Palm Desert) but with immaculate lawns and cascades of bougainvillia everywhere - they must use a lot of water to keep the place so green!
The view from the hotel
Unfortunately we made our trip in good time (3.5 hours) and arrived at midday, but our hotel rooms werent ready
My growing collection of hotel pens is going well, 8 hotels so far and no duplicates - I've been thinking that when I get home I might make some kind of giant sundial pendant out of melted pens to wear as a kind of trophy of this tour.
Stage door at the McCullen theatre, more beautifullt manicured grounds
The theatre probably held about 1000 seats
For a brief moment when I walked off stage after our soundcheck, I looked up at this television monitor and saw a perfect vignette of the band as Leonardo's The Last Supper. However once I had finished fumbling to get my phone out and take a picture - half of the band had walked off.
Cyrillic script from the huge wall covered in graffiti of all the band who have played here before - I've posted stuff about this wall before, here and here.
The gig went over well and we were enthusiastically received - many people thanked us for coming back - several couples had driven from Las Vegas. We even met a couple from Inverness in Scotland, who were in San Fransisco and had come up to see us.

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