Here a view of the hotel corridor at our hotel in Reading, where despite the comfort of the bed etc, I had another bad nights sleep - I'm an early bird and can't help getting up at 6am most days.

I've given Hester a lift the last two days and remembered today that I should take a photo for the blog - after dropping her off in Central London - I headed off to see some friends before going down to Blackheath, in South East London. 

Once again, I can't remember how may times we've played here but it must be 7/8 times? The venue was in bad need of a refurb and we had heard that it had been 'done up' since we last played there. 

And it looked pretty swish when I walked into the auditorium - newly painted and with raked seating, which we found out considerably improved the acoustics  

The backstage area had been done up as well - last time it was strewn with mattresses (euuuch!)So here's us soundchecking

and again

and waiting in the wings to go onand going out for the encore 

and signing merchandise 

and here's what I'm doing today...GOODNIGHT! 

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