A Tribute to Dame Barbara Cartland (ATTC#20)

Stepping back from my last toilet film, I felt it was time to take stock of this years output. The last one (ATTC#18) although intended to be a straightforward morality tale about a young cowboy - ended in an orgy of gun violence (were I a newspaper man, I'd call it a SICKENING OGV) and we all know that in these troubled and divided times, violence isn't the answer - LOVE is......

And who better to talk about love than Dame Barbara Cartland, the celebrated British author, who wrote 20 books about falling in love in 1981 alone! (for non UK domicled people you can read more about her and her record here here and here).

In brief, she was a well known figure in British cultural life during the 60's/70's/80's frequently appearing in the newspapers and on tv to advocate the old fashioned values of romance etc.

In 1978, an enterprising record producer persuaded her to make a record, ably accompanied by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and the Mike Sammes Singers called 'Dame Barbara Cartland's Album of Love Songs'. It soon became a masterpiece of underground high camp; Dame Barbara was NOT a singer at all and the whole album sounded like she had sung the songs from her bed (which is where she dictated her books from).

Even better, she inserted little talkovers at the beginning of each song ('love poems' - she called them). The song I've chosen to film is 'The Desert Song' a hit from the 1920's when Valentino, Sheiks and romantic abductions (masquerading as Stockholm syndrome) were all the rage. Filmed on a 10 hour flight from LHR to Houston.

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