Hello, my name is Peter Brooke Turner, I’m a musician, blogger, songwriter and voiceover artist. I make my living playing and touring with the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain (UOGB) - and at 6’8” (2.05m) I’m probably the tallest ukulele player in the world!

I am also Artistic Director and CEO of the ATTC (Airline Toilets Theatre Company)

The UOGB tours a lot and we’ve played at Carnegie Hall in New York, the Albert Hall in London and the Sydney Opera House in well, Sydney. I also write original songs under the pseudonymn Tony Penultimate - my latest album Adventures in Gibberish can be streamed by clicking the Spotify app on the right.

My earlier albums are on Soundcloud and of course, you can always BUY these albums on iTunes  

If you play the ukulele, I have put up a FREE lesson to get you started. 

I blog as well while I’m on tour and post up odds and ends of family history and anything which takes my fancy.

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