I've discovered that the last time we were in Ulm was six years ago - I don't remember it at all! We moved from Augsburg to Ulm by train (this tour is all train and no long bus journeys - so far its been comfortable - even with the train delays). Above photo - the Ukes leave the hotel in Augsburg for the train station.

Waiting for our train to Ulm - a short one hour journey, during which I had a damn good sleep after another hot night (the European heatwave continues). 

Arriving at our hotel in Ulm (deep in Bavaria)  

Checking in and a better view of Jonty's mosquito tattoo on his neck - he is prone to getting bitten! 

 Lovely view of the Durnau (Danube) from my hotel windowTaxi to the venue  

Which turned out to be a circus tent  

Interior view

Good food too - our hosts were very cool people and nothing was too much trouble for them.

Preparing to go on 

Our good friend Eva Hofbauer has brought us gifts of food (thank you Eva!) which we all tucked into in the break between sets - here's a view of the aftermath!

Took a quick photo of the encore as we went back on 

And finally, after the show was over someone lit a bonfire (which we were sorely tempted to throw out ukuleles on) and we all sat round and chatted - gazing into the embers. Karlsruhe tomorrow Campers - keep up!

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  • Phredd
    That pic of the ukes and all the goodies on the table is pure art!

    That pic of the ukes and all the goodies on the table is pure art!

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