Travel and Gig in Augsburg

The oppressive heat continues and with a long day of train travel - I find myself one day behind on this blog - so I'll roll two days into one. We left our hotel in Dusseldorf for the station at 11 ready for our four and a half hour train journey to Augsburg.

Viola, bless her, had managed to get us upgraded to 1st class, which was fortunate as the journey eventually took SIX HOURS - due to some kind of engineering complications too complicated to recall.

We subsequently arrived in the drizzle at Augsburg, where we had a night off before our gig the next day - our hotel was about half an hour out of town, miles from anywhere.

Though it did have a Vietnamese restaurant 'in house' where we had a very average meal (which took a loooooong time to arrive). 

The hotels rooms were small but stiflingly hot - I passed an uncomfortable night . 

So the next day - we had no travel and a gig in the evening, so we spent the morning rehearsing. 

Having a snack at lunchtime from the nearby cafe 

and then it was off to the gig in the weird and wonderful Parktheater complex which we hadn't played before and was one of the more unique places we've played in Germany. 

We were playing outside (again - this will be our third outside gig on this tour, thank goodness). But this time there was no canopy - fortunately it didn't rain. 

Behind the 'outside' stage was the interior of the original theatre which was very impressive - the whole complex was built as a sort of Sanatorium/back to nature type spa during the 19th century and now functions as a straight theatre venue. Our audience was pretty small (about 350) but highly enthusiastic 

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