Southend on Sea

We've played here once before and I remember it clearly as the first gig back after my bout of meningitis (in April 2017) - the band had just come back from a tour of the US, while I had languished in a hospital in Munster, Germany recuperating.

So to bring you up to speed - the journey back from our gig in Newcastle took a solid 8 hours (with breaks - 350 miles) not bad, but still it wrote off my Sunday - spending all day driving. I forget that being in showbiz means you work while other people are enjoying their leisure time. After this show, we'll be off till our last two gigs of the year in Harrogate and Leeds on the 21st and 22nd of Dec.

Anyway its good to be back in Southend at the Cliffs Pavillion theatre and the views out onto the refinery are eerily beautiful at this time of year

The theatre is pretty plush and I am reliably informed that we sold 1000 tickets tonight - not bad going, people do like to go out in the run up to Christmas.


As we didn't eat in the venue - we went out to buy food, most of us elected to go to the next door fish & chip shop and I, thinking to myself - should I buy a can of coke, absentmindedly walked off with the vinegar dispenser in my hand, my to the hilarity of my colleagues.
Took this cheeky photo as we went back out for the encore - the gig went over well.

Relaxing after the show at our hotel - Rich had had a bad cold but had soldiered on through the gig so went to bed early - Dave and Jonty had driven back to London.


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