Another day, another gig outside in this heatwave which is sweeping Europe - fortunately we are travelling to the coast, which means it will be slightly cooler. We left Luneburg at 11am and went to the station to take the train - a one and a half hour journey to Kiel.

Fierce Sun on the platform! 

Ben passes the time on his games console and Jonty on his phone 

Passing one of the huge cruise ships which dock here - they are massive up close. We played Kiel pretty much exactly two years ago  - its the same festival and it's a very cool vibe. 

I notice that I take exactly the same pictures as well (don't think about it - that way madness lies!). Come to think of it, we didn't stay in the same hotel this time.

Festival view 

Verena checking the sound on her ipad and Viola checking her phone - we had pretty much sold out the venue so we were told. 

Cool seal sculptures 

 Viola gesticulates 

Other acts that are playing the festival


Richie, Ben and Hester 

Waiting to go on

While the show was going down well, it was during the interval that I was shocked to discover Dave's true feelings about the ukulele.I took exactly this same picture two years ago - 1,800 people - not bad going!

Sneaked my phone out to take a picture of the encore - it was a great gig.

Signing merchandise in the pitch dark afterwards.... 

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