Gawsworth Hall

Its been a pretty good day after our gig at the Underneath the Stars Festival in Barnsley. We set off at midday to get to Gawsworth, where we’ve played several times before - its about an hour and a half away.

There was an embarrassment of cars, so I opted to grab a lift with Richie in his Audi, along with Doug and Ben. 

The Awesome Foursome

We spent an enjoyable drive admiring the scenery of the Pennines (the backbone of hills that run up the middle of the north of England).

Gawsworth Hall is an Elizabethan manor house and is in a beautiful part of England and has a lot of history. The last few times we’ve been here its been raining heavily, today the weather was sunny (and a bit humid).

A view of the facade of the house

The auditorium is on a bank at the rear of the house - a bit like our concert in Dreieich, Germany where we play again soon.

Strolling around the grounds I found this little paving stone - I'm guessing its a dog and not a human!


Dressing room

The gig went well - after we'd finished signing at the end of the show we chatted to some of the punters, some of whom had brought along their vintage cars - this is a Lagonda from 1931.

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