Day 14 Balboa Theatre San Diego

After our arrival in San Diego and a day resting up, it was time to go back to work. First up was an early morning visit (7.30am) to the local CBS TV station KFMB - we were told to be 'television ready'. So we all assembled in our stage gear ready for an Uber ride to the studio.
Arriving at KFMB
In the lobby was a wall of pictures of the super cheesy presenters, all with their immaculate 'American teeth'.
I ruminated on the difference between American teeth and British teeth in this blog a couple of days ago, but a picture can say so much more.....
The tickets for our show in San Diego have sold well, so I wasn't quite sure why we should be getting up early to do the show - but apparently its good for profile, so it was probably a good idea. Having said that - the Uber driver who picked us up, a San Diego resident, had never heard of the station or the show - here we are having a quick breakfast in the station cafeteria before going on air (it was live).
I'd like to say that KFMB, is a hard hitting, rolling news programme, but in reality, while we were setting up, the previous item was a feature about International Mermaids Day, (29 March) which I had been totally unaware of. Perhaps I need to think about choosing an "International Airline Toilets Day" to draw attention to my own oeuvre.
Here is presenter Stella (red dress) with her radio pack strapped to her leg, getting ready to interview the band. While Stella seemed to be young, cheesy and heavily made up, she hadn't had any work done on her face: plastic surgery/botox is huge here and many people not in showbiz seem to have 'the look' - slightly alien - with pouty lips - even the magazines on the airplanes have adverts for plastic surgeons.
Our section was being filmed in the car park of the tv station - you can watch it here (I don't know how long the link will be live though).
After we came back to the hotel I popped out for a light lunch - these are 'Big Ass Nachos' - all plates of food here are enormous compared to the UK and Europe.
This harpist was playing in the lobby as we assembled to walk to the theatre - it's lovely to hear 'live' music, although she was mostly being ignored - I applauded a couple of numbers before we had to go off to the theatre.
The theatre itself is a classy joint, built in 1924, with lots of period charm and lovingly restored to its former glory - the walls are lined with signed photos of all the big cheeses who have played here (I don't need to post a photo). However, any theatre has to earn its keep, and the night after we are on the show is going to be "The Empire Strips Back" - a burlesque tribute to Star Wars.
Before our main show in the evening, we had agreed to do a workshop with local ukulele players - I grabbed this quick shot as we finished.
The show went over really well and the audience were highly enthusiastic - here's us going out for the encore
Going out to sign and say hello in the lobby
Some people had come from a long way away, and just before the show, I had nipped out to the Japanese restaurant across the road to get a bowl of ramen. The waitress came up to me and said - 'are you Peter - there is someone here that knows you' - I looked around but didn't see anyone I knew, but as the waitress came back with my ramen, she said 'it's all been taken care of' - indicating a guy seated on his own at a table. I got up and went over and introduced my self and thanked him for this kind gesture. His name is Scott Flansburg and he is qute famous - "the Human Calculator' - we talked for a bit (he was aware that I was in a hurry, otherwise I'd have sat down and talked for longer) but he's a uke freak as well and had driven all the way from Phoenix, Arizona to see the show.
He did a cute thing - asking me my birthday and the year and he immediately shot back 'Sunday' - that IS the day I was born! While I was finishing my ramen, I wanted to get a selfie with him for the blog, but when I left he had already gone - thank you Scott (and I hoped you enjoyed the show!).
I'm going to take a break tomorrow Campers, see you the day after.

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