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I had a terrible nights sleep last night at the hotel due to what I thought was the lovemaking of a couple upstairs, who seemed to have unbelieveble endurance - however Ben has assured me that, having heard it himself, it was some sort of a pump (it was still going at 6 in the morning).  Anyway, I roused myself bleary eyed at eight o'clock and went to breakfast and bumped into Jamie. He told me that he had stayed on after last nights show for the reception at Framfield and had a whale of a time, sipping champagne, eating cruditees and helping himself to a wide tableau of cheeses, all the while, talking to the Lord Lieutenant of Sussex who (guess what?) plays the ukulele - while we had returned to the hotel to find everything closed. Of course we had all been invited to the reception, but quite often, after playing a show, all you want to do is to just have a quiet drink on your own temporary 'territorial turf', usually the hotel bar, rather than face a bunch of people (however nice they are) clutching a glass and talking about ukuleles for hours on end.

So this morning I drove home, two and a half hours to find this lovely card from my daughter Poppy, for Fathers Day. 

Canterbury Cathedral view from the dressing room

Will gets stuck into the green room library - I can't really describe who Christopher Biggins is to overseas readers, other than he's a sort of Elton John of the British theatre.

The Marlowe, Canterbury is my local theatre. This is where we come at Christmas to see the pantomine, and I've got a slew of friends coming to see us play, including my wife Gilly and daughter Poppy - its pretty nerve racking. But the show went well and we sold 1100 tickets and got a standing ovation at the end so I guess thats good.

going out for the encore

Afterwards I had much pleasure in finally meeting Mandi Harkett, one half of fantastic ukulele singing duo, Opera-lele (they do exactly what it says on the tin - and then some!).

We're in Lithuania next weekend Campers, so check in for that........

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