We rose the next day at a not intolerable hour and left for our next gig in Braunschweig, but not before saying goodbye to Eva Hofbauer who had journeyed from Austria to come and see us and had brought us her now traditional gifts - thanks Eva!

To get to Braunschweig, we had to take two trains, changing at Mannheim -  what can you write about a five and a half hour train journey? Not much really; but you can tell the tale through the medium of lazy journalism - ie a bunch of crappy out of focus pictures.

The girls chat, I write some nonsense on the internet.Changing trains at Mannheim

The usual packed trains - a lot of passengers get on without seat reservations which means we quite often have to turf out people from our seats

After a while I headed to the restaurant car for lunch

Jonty sleeps - I suppose I ought to rephrase that, he dosen't really sleep he just becomes unconcious from time to time. He is the night owl of the band.

And off we got at Braunschweig and headed to our hotel for a couple of hours. 

Here we are on our way to the gig - we last played here in 2017.

We were playing in a tent and in the 24 hours since we had arrived - the temperature had dropped so we were pretty chilly in our changing rooms/tents.

Its a kind of supper club  but we had sold it out - pretty good for a Monday night!


 Freezing in our tent

There was another ukulele band on  - they were pretty good.

Going out for the second half

It was a really good show and very well received. At our encore we were presented with roses and it struck me that the last song that we played on German soil before the UK leaves the EU was 'Heroes' - written by a British man living in Berlin (Bowie in the 70's)  and taken to heart by many Germans and claimed as their own.  Music truly transcends borders.

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