Back and Furth

Hotel loveliness

Greetings readers to another year of touring with the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain. After a relaxing Christmas with friends in Wales, I rejoined the band as we set off on our first gig of 2019 in Furth, Germany - which we've played several times before. As we were flying from Heathrow early in the morning, several of us out of towners spent the night near Heathrow - ready for the 9AM flight the next morning.

 Heathrow dawn

Hooking up with the band in the departure lounge (I didn't see them at the hotel). All the band are crossword fiends and naturally Rich had got stuck in.

Since we've got eight flights to Germany over the next two months, I was straight into the toilets filming my next ATTC epic which regular readres will be dismayed to learn is going to be a lot more pretentious than my earlier efforts - here I spoof the scene with Death from Ingmar Bergmans masterpiece 'The Seventh Seal'.

On arrival at Munich, we had a long wait to get through passport control as the electronic barriers weren't working.

Meeting up with Viola - who now lives in Italy. Since the UK is unseasonably warm at the moment, it was good to see some proper winter weather (ie snow)! We drove for an hour to Furth - luckily the theatre and hotel are within walking distance - always easier.

Here's the Stadttheater Furth - a beautiful old place (Furth is near Nurnburg)

Attractive kitchenette/bar area in my hotel room - perfect for relaxing after the show - sorry Campers, I'm a bit on autopilot, blog wise at the moment.

Ornate and roccoco auditorium here

Richie hugs Verena (our German sound tech) - we hadn't seen her for a couple of months since we'd spent November and December doing shows in England.

Will gets the setlist ready for the show, while Ben dreams of being somewhere else - the dentist maybe?

 Waiting to go on

We sold out the venue and here we are waiting to go back on for the encore - we had a terrific audience, and we saw several of our old friends who had made the journey to see us - thank you!

These guys are in a Ukulele Orchestra themselves and got us all to sign all their T Shirts - we're off to Koblenz tomorrow Campers - see you there.

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