I woke up to another wet and windy day and checked out of the Basingstoke hotel at midday. The drive to Watford (our next gig) was about an hour - I'd had a pretty terrible nights sleep - no fault of the hotel which was perfectly comfortable. Watford is a pretty bland satellite town of London, most famous for being the birthplace of Elton John and boxer Anthony Joshua.‚Äč

After dropping my bags at the hotel (in the centre) and spending an hour lying on the bed trying to have a nap, I gave up and went out to the shopping centre to have something to eat and look around. Shopping centres, or malls as they call them in the States, dominate a lot of British towns and it is my patriotic duty as a citizen of this great country to buy as much stuff as possible, use it for a while and then throw it away before buying some more - its almost a national sport.

After stopping off for a bite to eat at Yo Sushi, I continued my morbid meander around town, feeling like some kind of ownerless dog and wound up at St Mary's Churchyard, one of the oldest churches in Watford.

Just behind the church are the Bedford Almshouses (above) constructed in 1580 and still in use, they were built "for eight poor women" according to the sign. I had a wander through the graveyard of the church looking at the gravestones.

A rather sentimental and condescending poem about this poor guy who was abducted and sold into slavery.

And so I wandered back to the hotel and picked up my stuff and set off for the theatre, carrying my stuff alongside the five lane highway (in the rain) until it was time to cross, whereupon I made a timed dash for it. This is the preposturously named Colosseum Theatre, where we have played once before a couple of years ago.

Will and Hester in our dressing room, with a plaque in the background - apparently they recorded the music to the film Star Wars in here as the accoustic is very good.


There was a bit of confusion over our dinner, when the theatre brought out seven vegetarian meals and three pork bellies - its all food to me! Speaking of which, I noticed this story about McDonalds which means I'll have to give them a wide berth on tour for the foreseeable future.

Once again, the show went over well - I sneaked this picture while we were coming back for the encore. While we were signing, a short middle aged man with a strong Italian accent told me that I need to work on my vowels - in the Italian song I sing - Parlami d'Amore Mariu. Instead of telling him to go and learn to speak English properly. I gave him my best rictus grin, looked into his eyes and said "thanks for listening". After we'd finished signing we all went and posed for a Christmas photo - last year I remember we did one by the side of the road in Germany in the snow.

And finally, Hester lent Ben one of her hair extensions, which I'm sure you'll agree make a very fine toupee - I bet he gets all the chicks!

Nottingham tomorrow Campers

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