Viersen Gig Day

Well Campers, another fairly slow news day, we did some rehearsing in one of the hotel rooms during the morning, for the upcoming US tour in April, we often have to put in different songs depending on what country we are in.

In the afternoon we wandered around town or stayed in our rooms and then it was time to go to the gig.

Spotted this very cool mini library in the grounds of the theatre here. 

This is the theatre we played in - the Festhalle Viersen.

Inside it was a fairly spartan soviet style auditorium

 Here's us soundchecking

We ate in the theatre - nice food, I asked Ben (a vegetarian) how the food had been on the tour - he said not bad.

The gig went over reasonably well - the audience was mostly theatre subscribers - ie they'll buy 20 tickets a year to shows which come through town. While we warmed them up by the end and got our usual standing ovary, some numbers baffled them - even German tunes like 'Das Model'.

This guy was taking photos of us in the foyer while we signed - probably the grooviest guy in the audience. I introduced myself and he told me his nickname was Shooby - but his real name was Johan.

And here we are signing after the show - last gig tomorrow in Dortmund before we fly home.


  • Phredd
    Other than photographs, what does Shooby do? 😊

    Other than photographs, what does Shooby do? 😊

  • Peter Brooke Turner
    Peter Brooke Turner
    Didn't get the chance to ask him Phredd!

    Didn't get the chance to ask him Phredd!

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