Sorry for not getting back to you sooner Campers - I've been a bit ill since we came back from Vienna, which was our last foriegn show of the year - for the rest of the 2018 we'll be playing pretty much up and down the UK.  I had stayed overnight in London, not far from Heathrow to be able to get the 9.30 flight. 

This was probably one of the most uncomfortable flights I'd taken in a long while, as I was wearing an inflatable horse costume under my tracksuit - I needed to get a few final shots on horseback for my intermidable cowboy epic "The Ballad of Hopkins McGruder". This was instantly noted by several members of the band (I never wear tracksuits) as well as the large hidden protuberance on my bum (the fan unit to inflate the horse). If you're new to the party read this and make sure you follow or like the ATTC page on facebook or twitter to keep up with the fun.

We have played in Vienna before, but only for a corporate gig a while back - never a public performance and never at such a prestigious venue - the Konzerhaus - where plenty of heavy hitters have played.

Vienna from the air

Arriving at Vienna airport

Will has brought his son Otis along to the gig, presumably to warn him off a life in showbiz - I hadn't seen the lad in 5 years and he had grown. Here we are walking to the Konzerthaus - its October and the weather is still warm.

A weary Dave holds the door open in the foyer of the theatre. We also had Jodi tour managing for us, not Viola, who usually does the German speaking gigs.

Statue of Beethoven in the enormous foyer - I don't think he likes us very much...

A couple of fantastic posters here from the early days of the Konzerthaus - the place is not that old (built 1913) and Jonty mistakenly informed me that Mozart had played here (I'll believe anything) but I think he meant the Vienna Opera house.

Nothing gets the punters toes tapping like a bit of Schonberg!

Here's the theatre - 1800 seats and we'd sold it out - what a beautiful venue (or as someone in the band said as we walked onstage - "It'll do").

Meal before the show in the theatres restaurant - great food, but small portions

The dressing rooms were pretty sophisticated and here's an elegant tableau of the artists preparing for their show.

The show went really well with plenty of old friends turning up to say hello - here we are going out for the encore. Kudos must also go to the great lighting we were given and to Verena, our fantastic sound engineer, for all the work she does making us sound good.  I had a chat with her backstage about Brexit, no one has a clue whats going to happen to travelling musicians like us, come March next year - German speaking countries are almost our largest market and we are all a bit worried.

Signing after the show - we sold plenty of merchandise. 

After the show we all trooped out to a famous Vienna beer hall near our hotel with a couple of Jontys pals and had a few drinks and a bite to eat - a great ending to a great evening - thank you to everybody who came along.

                                 On the way back to London, the gods of the air must have been smiling down on me: the Airbus we flew back on was an old style (toilet wise) model so I was able to do my combined shot for the Wild West backing singers (in the SAME cubicle - see the effect in this film) and finished my cowboy toilet film. This epic has taken over 13 flights to collect all the shots, and I still haven’t got busted. Truly the gods of the skies have been benificent; as I left the aircraft, I left a large donation in the airline charity envelope (Indonesian tsunami) as thanks.

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