Underneath the Stars Festival, Barnsley

Well Campers, its back to work for me as I rejoin the Ukes after my summer break (in Greece - good fun) and the band have returned from a highly succesful tour of China by all accounts. I made the four and a half our journey up to Barnsley, in Yorkshire to play at the Underneath The Stars Festival. There is much excitement in the Brooke Turner household at the moment, as John Atkins recently posted our duet of Ave Maria with daughter Poppy singing, which garnered 10,000 views in 12 hours! I reminded her that, while she might have had 1000 likes, she also had 11 dislikes - which meant that 11 people now hate her guts (who had never heard of her yesterday) - truly the Internet giveth, and the Internet taketh away........

The Festival is held every year and organised by the Rusby Family who live round here and have produced amongst others, Kate Rusby, doyenne of the Bristish Folk scene. She was wandering around backstage and was very charming. I flopped out of the station and called up the festival bus which came to take me to the site after a fifteen minute wait; as the bus was moving off, I spotted Will, Leisa and Doug coming out onto the street and we all went together and I got an update on what had happened in China.

This is Alison, Festival Coordinator, explaining about soundcheck etc - we were very well taken care of backstage and made to feel very welcome.


Festival site - plenty of families around and lots of good food stalls which I took full advantage of (see below)

This is halloumi and curried chips and I consigned it to a damn fine gastronomic memory within five minutes!

Ewan (standing) is back with us as Hester was not playing these two gigs (we're in Macclesfield tomorrow) and we ran through several numbers to make sure the stragglers (me) were up to speed.


Needless to say after that large meal, and feeling a bit sleepy (I was woken last night by a party on the beach outside our house at one o'clock in the morning!) I drifted off - Dave, snapped this photo of me. He said it reminded him of the end of the Kubrick film 2001, A Space Odyssey..

A fine Yorkshire oak, seen in silhouette from the backstage tent

Preparing to go onstage - it was a good gig - we played for one and a half hours to a capacity crowd of perhaps 2000 (at least thats what it looked like to me from the stage).

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