Tunbridge Wells

Once again I was joined by Will as we drove from Hastings to Tunbridge Wells for the last leg of this short bundle of gigs around south east England, the weather was pretty foggy and we continued listening to the wise words of Quentin Crisp. I realise that the last time the band played in TW I found myself locked out of my hotel room in the middle of the night, when I thought I'd walked into the toilet but had walked into the corridor instead.

The hotel we were staying at turned out to be a different one this time - a pretty plush joint with high ceilings - that makes a change from two days ago where I had to bend down in the shower.

We did a brief rehearsal when we got to the theatre, trying out some new tunes - which are coming along well.

Rick Wakeman was here last night, Crikey he must be old - I remember him from the mid seventies when I was a kid. But in this business you don't really retire - you just go on doing it till you fade away......

Soundchecking - Dave shields his eyes from the hot glare

While this might have been pointed out to me as a joke, my ears were ringing a bit last night - I have to remember to turn down my hearing aid sometimes.


Waiting to go on

Lovely old poster in the foyer of the theatre

Back on the road on Sunday in Dartford

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