Dave demonstrates how far we travelled across Germany yesterday.

After arriving at Torgelow yesterday after a long day of travel, some of us went out to eat, while some crashed out in their rooms straight away. I managed to have some supper plus a couple of beers before hitting the hay at 8pm and sleeping through to 6am the next morning. Here we are assembling to get to the gig after a quiet morning.

We are very close to the Polish border here and on the coast of the Baltic sea. It seems quite a quiet part of the country - however since it is the weekend, its difficult to tell. 

Waiting for the drawbridge to go up while a boat passes through - our hotel was on a canal with loads of boats moored nearby.

and then it came down again. 

An overcast day, thank goodness - no more steaming heat, like the earlier part of the tour.

The gig was at a steel works which was still operational, and the hall was pretty impressive (I notice the Germans do post industrial theatre spaces very well and I remembered a gig we did in Rostock in 2016 in a disused shipyard - a bit like this).

 Piles of steelInteresting sculpture in the foyer of the factory offices - looks like an old Soviet style "heavy industry in fun' type thing. I presume that the factory dates from the time of the old East German Republic (GDR)?Good lighting makes it looks as if the stage is a blast furnace! 

Old wooden rafters 

 Another view of the stage - the venue held 950 seats and we had sold it out!

Since we unearthed a batch of visitors tabards and hard hats, we thought we might as well get some photos looking 'wacky' - those crazy Brits!  

But the fun ended with the soundcheck! 

Smelting steel - a picture from one of the factory offices. 

A bit like a cathedral of industry really, what with the aforementioned rafters and these windows. The whole place had a strong smell of soot/graphite - not unpleasant, but the festival brochure did warn visitors to to wear clothes which were too white as soot sometimes fell from the ceiling. 

 We were presented with flowers again at the end of the show 

Unwinding after the show.

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