Theatre Royal, Winchester

According to Richie, who was going through his accounts the other day, we last played in Winchester in 2003 - sixteen years ago! Truly, our well worn showbiz joke about playing the same venue twice (once on the way up and once on the way down) seems appropriate here. Here are Dave and Hester who parked in the same car park as me.

And here we are trying to get into the building, the whole place was being renovated, hence mucho confusion about getting in.

I have a vague recollection of playing somewhere in Winchester (I think we did two gigs in a day) back in 2003 - this would have been shortly before we made our appearance on the Jools Holland Hootenanny tv show. I don't remember this theatre at all.

Soundcheck - none of us had seen Dave in almost two months - he'd missed the last couple of show visiting his girlfriend in America. We were also without Jonty so were using our bass dep Dave Bowie (far right).

Couldn't help noticing the violently coloured lime green carpet onstage 

Winchester is a fairly affluent, historic town with its own Cathedral and nipping out for something to eat before the show I noticed plenty of old buildings housing upmarket food chains

After eating, I went to the hotel (in fact a very good pub with accommodation) to collect my keys - I'd advise anyone who stays here to wear sunglasses in the corridor - the colour scheme is a violent pink. 

Before the show we recorded a couple of films for our social media channels promoting forthcoming concerts in Ireland and Germany. We really missed Jonty, as his German is excellent (he lives there) and he does all our German language promo stuff.

Green Room 

Waiting to go on for the second half 

It was a good show, marred only by the fact that I knocked over our music stand when I got up for the encore. It was also extremely hot and my tux, which I haven't dry cleaned since before we went to the US, is starting to get very shiny. I would get it cleaned but the dry cleaners in my hometown burned down and so I've got to make a 20 mile round trip. I'll have to do it soon as I read that Jim Morrison, the singer of the Doors, wore his pair of leather trousers for TWO YEARS without washing them - YEEUCH! 

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  • Phredd
    Thank goodness the green room wasn't that violent green color.

    Thank goodness the green room wasn't that violent green color.

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