The Long Corridors of Burghof Lorrach

I can honestly say, that after we arrived yesterday, a whole bunch of not much happened. The town of Lorrach is right at the bottom left of Germany on the Swiss, French border (according to Wikipedia) we last played here in 2016 - when Kitty was still with us. Its a pleasant, but fairly unremarkable town with nothing like the historical firepower of Worms (which we passed through a few days ago).

Our hotel is clean and comfortable. I noticed this sign in the bar - gin seems to have had something of a renaissance these days and here they serve it with burgers! I also discovered that the aircrews (who we saw yesterday in the lobby - more arrived today) all come from Basel airport (which I should have noticed yesterday - we're only ten minutes by train from it).

The food on this tour has been pretty good and I've noticed my gut starting to expand (which is not good). Germans love bread and there are lots of varieties, sandwiches are sold everywhere and naturally, I've taken advantage (beer is also everywhere and very tasty - my sword has not slept in my hand when it comes to this matter either). Maybe I'll have to start missing out lunch to stay in trim.

As Dave sometimes says: We've travelled to gigs by taxi, bus, ski-bike, rickshaw, golf cart, cable cars and helicopter - and today we just walked from the hotel (10 mins). 

Poster for the theatre festival here in 2018 - Robert Plant and his band came through town. 

 Obligatory soundcheck photo

I remember these long corridors from last time - here's Will at the end like a James Bond baddie trying to assasinate me - or is it the other way around?

Ben and Richie practicing Tchaikovsky - we've revived Piano Concerto No 1!

The gig went over well, I notice that people in this part of Germany are much more reserved than in the big cities, where we'll often be given standing ovations with much whooping etc. I also think they don't speak English as much here, however the show went over well with many people coming to the merchandising table to buy stuff and say hello. More tomorrow campers

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