St Patricks Day in Houston

Checking bags at Heathrow

After catching the early train up to London - I arrived at Terminal 2 ready for the 10 hour flight to Houston.

Hooked up with the Ukes in the departure lounge - meeting the Ukes in airports has now become like nodding at familiar commuters on the bus. The big news is that Leisa has got married to her partner Anna - Congratulations! She said it was weird, as no sooner had they got married (a couple of days ago, just the legal stuff in a registry office) than she was off for a month touring. I think they're going to have a big party when the band get back in April.

Despite my reservations about the length of the flight (10 hours) - it was a pretty good trip. I saw a couple of movies, did a bit of filming in the toilets and generally stayed off the booze (one glass of wine with lunch). We actually arrived 25 minutes early and I managed to stay awake throughout the entire flight. The general idea being, as soon as you get on the plane, if you set your watch to the local time at your destination, you'll fight off the effects of jet lag better.

First view of Texas

Houston Airport, or George Bush International, as I think its technically called is vast, and its a bit of a pain to get off after a long flight and have to walk a good half mile to immigration.

However, we were in luck with the visa queue, as they can sometimes take an hour to get through, we passed through without much hassle. Ben and Rich wait in the queue.

 Waiting for our bus outside the airport - the weather is pretty balmy here.

Here's a quick snap of downtown Houston as we drove from the airport. We had an interesting chat with the driver (Jordanian) - apparently Houston is very prone to flooding - as a city, its low lying and close to the Gulf of Mexico. The poor guy was saying that when Hurricaine Harvey hit Houston in 2017, it decimated the place (he lost his home) and caused $125 billion worth of damage. Its easy to forget how violent the weather can be in the US.

As we arrived at the Hotel, I got collared by a woman from a good natured wedding party standing outside, who called over her husband (also tall for a photo op). It's St Patricks Day tomorrow and a lot of people are out celebrating

Despite being fairly tired, we were informed that our hotel had a rooftop bar, which we all went to for a quick drink before heading off to hit the hay. We've got a busy day tomorrow, a workshop and a gig. Adios.

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