St Albans (again!)

We are back on the road again after our Scottish adventure with our regular touring crew, eight of us playing: Jonty, Leisa, Will, Richie, Ben, Hester, Me and Dave, plus Doug twiddling the knobs and Jamie flogging the merch. There are three gigs on this tour - St Albans, Reading and Blackheath - which is about as close as we get to London these days. Here I am crossing the Thames at Dartford again. 

I forget how many times we've played here, but it's a lot (6/7?) after a while they all seem to meld into one.

Quite often when I arrive at a theatre where we are playing, there is barely any advertising at all - I guess most people know we are playing locally through online apps and notices. This small poster is pretty good going I suppose. I notice now that there are a lot of tribute/lookalike shows playing British theatres as well as former pop stars doing shows where they will reminisce, tell anecdotes and play a few songs and call that a show. Doug even told me that some prog rock bands (popular in the pre punk era) now do cruises, where, on successive nights, they will do a 'meet and greet', an acoustic set and then a full show to paying punters. 

The crew arrive - we hadn't seen Will for a while and he confessed that he'd been painting the house and was itching to get out and play - I know the feeling. 


Taken in mid soundcheck!

Came across this lot while walking back from getting some food before the show

Getting ready to go on 


It was a good show and well received - when we went out to sign, we must have spent a good half and hour at the table due to the 50/60 pupils from the Burford school who has come along. One of their teachers told me that many of them were keen ukulele players and they had been watching one of our videos on youtube every time they got together to practice. 

Never signed a mobile phone before! 

Finally after our marathon siging session was over we all lined up for a photo with the kids 

And so it was back to the hotel for those of us who don't live in London. Ben, Rich and I had a quick drink in the bar, where we bumped into Alun, who had come to see the band for the umpteenth time (thank you Alun!) and gave us an interesting perspective on how our show comes over after multiple viewings! Reading tomorrow Campers.


  • alun stevenson
    alun stevenson
    Another quality show people. Thanks again.. See you in November. Alun.

    Another quality show people.
    Thanks again..
    See you in November.

  • Peter
    Thanks Alun - look forward to seeing you too.

    Thanks Alun - look forward to seeing you too.

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