Salford, UK

A thousand apologies Campers, for posting absolutely nothing yesterday.  Unfortunately, I fell asleep on the train home to London, and subsequently fell asleep on the train back to Kent. Strictly between you and me, the day and gig that evening had passed unremarkably. I journeyed from Bradford to Salford in Dave's car along with Jonty - a journey of approximately an hour - here we all are, with me looking like the idiot son of some aging married couple.

We drove across the Pennines (hills running up the spine of England) and the highest motorway in the country. Not long ago in Laramie, Wyoming - we had driven down the highest freeway in the US. Highway - Freeway - Motorway - its all the same to me.

More thrilling pictures from the motorway (gotta pad this out somehow)

Despite the brevity of the journey, we pulled in to a service station for lunch and here you see Dave and Jonty mugging it up for the camera. We have an old joke in our show: Audience member "It really looks like you're having fun up there!" UOGB member "Yes, it does dosen't it"

Back on the M6 to Manchester 

Back at the Holiday Inn, Salford

Salford is also the home of Manchester United Football Club, and here is their famous stadium, Old Trafford - in fact there was a match on the same day against Chelsea FC

We've played the Lowry many times before and there's not much more I can say about it, other than its big and its purple - here's the backstage part of it (vast)

Rather than posting another dreary picture of us at our soundcheck - I espied Doug (our sound guy) in his booth, looking like some evil villain.

Good food in the cafeteria

We've taken to posting pictures of us, outside the venues we play, to post on social media (this one of the ones that didn't work out). Here we stand against the backdrop of Media City (BBC, ITV etc) in Salford, prior to the gig.

I'm still waiting for the moment we get ignominiously canned off stage (maybe at some point in the future) but so far, the gigs continue to go well - we got a big ovation at the end, and our version of 'Heroes' is going down very well as an encore. Here we are signing merch.

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