I have discovered that St Albans, where we played last night  is twinned with the German town of Worms which we played a few months ago. After spending a night in a local hotel, I gave Hester a lift to Reading, where our next gig would be - a fairly unremarkable drive of an hour and a half.Its difficult to know what to say about Reading, its a large prosperous town pretty close to London, but it's the epitome of a modern British town. As soon as you get into it, you are swept onto a one way system - which, if you miss your turning, you'll have to go around again, till you get it right. It's also marred by a lot of brutalist concrete architecture which renders it somewhat unfriendly. I understand that there is an old town in Reading but I haven't been there - thats the nature of the job, I guess, never enough time to really look around. 

We found some of the band here and lurking outside

The theatre is called the Hexagon and, as Will joked during the set - we've been playing here so often - we remember when it was called the Triangle!


Chowing down with the crew 

Walking around outside before the show, I found this interesting facade, little did I know that Reading is twinned with Dusseldorf in Germany!

and here is the plaque underneath the facade 

....which gives the story behind the close association between these two towns

Going on for the second half - it was a good show

and signing after the show 

 Its not often you get asked to sign a can on Pringles (crisps)

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