7.30am view from our Watford hotel

Finally getting a good nights sleep, I woke to find another drizzly day as we prepared to move north to our next gig in Nottingham. I had forgotten to make a note of which floor of the multi storey car park my car was parked on, which meant ten minutes hunting for it. There are four cars/drivers on this short tour: Jamie (tour manager) who carries the merchandise, myself, Ben and Dave, who is in a hire car, as his own car is in the garage. I gave Hester and Leisa a lift - a couple of hours up the motorway to our next gig.

I often see these giant chimneys when I take the train

And so we rolled into Nottingham, the hometown of my favourite crap 1970's band Paper Lace (Billy, Dont be a Hero/The Night Chicago Died) to play at the Theatre Royal.

Hotel view from the fourth floor

The hotel is very close to the theatre in the city centre and so walking distance from the gig and packed with Nigerians - presumably here for a conference at the University - there's a huge student population in Nottingham.


The Theatre Royal has a beautiful facade and plenty of history, but the auditorium inside has been modernised and so is a bit of a disappointment, like something out of Star Wars.

The Ukes check out some of the stickers left by touring companies on lockers next to the stage - there's a lot of people in showbusiness and most of them work on the road.

This was probably one of the best shows on the tour so far in terms of energy levels and audience enthusiasm. It might be something to with the fact that we could see the audience a bit more tonight than our last two shows, certainly, out of an audience of 800/900? at least 100 peeps had brought along their ukuleles and the playalongs are going over really well.

I took some photos of these wonderful old playbills last time we played here and so here's another featuring the great British singer Gracie Fields.

Comfy sofas in this theatre so here's some backstage beefcake for you - here's the blonde...

and here's the brunette.....

 Hester leads the way as we walk out to sign

I notice that when it comes to signing, which we did plenty of tonight - Dave sometimes signs his name on By Request next to his silhouette and draws an arrow to it. A couple of times I've tried to wind him up and drawn an arrow from my own name, before he has a chance to sign. Maybe I should get the whole band to just sign their names as Spartacus on the album - that would be a REAL collectors edition.

Blackpool tomorow Campers


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