Misty morning view from the 6.30 train to London
Greetings Campers - we are off on a three day jaunt around Germany, the last few gigs before we go off to the US for a month. This tour consists of three dates: Munich (which we've played loads of times before) Schweinfurt (ditto - I can't be bothered to paste in the links) and finally Berlin, where we play at the Konzerthaus.
We are seven for this tour: Jonty, Leisa, Richie, Ben, Hester, myself and Dave.
Someone had obviously been to a swell party and lost their shoe, as I went through Paddington station on the way up to Heathrow.
After meeting up with the band, we passed a pretty uneventful flight to Munich.
I had arrived, as it my wont, caked in make up ready for the last few shots of my latest ATTC film 
On arrival we met up with Viola (who flew in from Italy) and Jonty (who flew in from Hamburg) and went straight to our hotel  
View of Munich, from the taxi
Due to some screw up we had to wait for our rooms as they hadn't been paid for, this involved some tedious hanging around in reception.
Hello Darkness my old friend.............
I've written about this beautiful place before - the ceilings are amazing
The brochure: - I understand the Emerson String Quartet are quite well known, while Kissin (right) will be playing as part of the festival in a different venue (the man is something of a hero of mine and a monster on piano)
This is the exquisite ceiling of the in house restaurant, we had amazing food (I should have taken a picture) - wolfed down at top speed, naturally, as we were soundchecking afterwards.
Here we are waiting to be served.
If people look like their names, then our promoter, Claudius, here seen taking to Viola, would look terrific in a toga. Straight after food, we got down to rehearsing and plugging the gaps in the show, as we were seven, not our usual eight.
Furthermore, while Will, who was absent (seen here in 2018), might not sing a lot of songs in the set, he does loads of announcing and backing vocals - plus the percussive 'thwack' from his creepy lady hand is an important part of our band sound. So everyone was on their toes as we went out to play - and we gave it plenty of 'oomph' and finished up getting a big ovation - plus we'd sold out the house as well (1050 seats!)
At the end we were presented with the customary roses before we headed out to signing merch
The signing was complete chaos, with people coming at us from the front, sides and behind - all tapping on our shoulders etc, I had to work hard to keep my compusure in the melee - several people asked me how tall I was, (which must be my favourite question ever!) before we managed to get away and back to the hotel for a drink and then bed.

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