I woke early yesterday and went down to breakfast before anyone else - we left the hotel at 11 and since no one had seen me and I was a few minutes late to checkout - everybody was slightly worried I might be dead (no such luck Campers!)

The taxi that took the other half of the band to Basel station had this great number plate (LO must stand for Lorrach I guess). Its pretty cold now with intermittent snow and we are all wearing our thick clothes and woolly hats while we wait for trains - yesterday we took taxis to Basel station to make our way to Ludwigsburg.

Here we are at Basel station, we caught an ICE train to Karlsruhe (1.5 hours) and then a smaller train to take us to Ludwigsburg (another hour).

 A cheery Ben waits in the freezing cold on the platform at Basel.

Vineyards with mountians in the distance

A stoic looking Dave on the small, connecting train that we caught to Ludwigsburg - he's had that sweater for at least 25 years.

Checking in to our hotel in Ludwigsburg - you might have noticed that Ben and Jonty are keen on putting stickers on their cases.

Checking out the town on Wikipedia there have been settlements here since Roman times and there's a famous castle nearby (which we played in once, according to Dave). The bit we're in is pretty 'meh' - Ludwigsburg was well known as a garrison town, but Jonty says the army has mostly moved out. The theatre is fairly modern and this is the exterior.

The last time we were here was in 2016 and while the auditorium is impressive (with a huge bit behind the stage (seen here) for opera productions - the backstage area is pretty bland, in fact when we arrived and were shown to our dressing rooms in the basement, there was a terrible 'drains' smell which meant we had to be moved to other dressing rooms upstairs.


 Here's the backdrop

A quick nap before the show - following my maxim repeated a couple of days ago, when you are tired there will always be a nice hard stone/linoleum/marble floor to sleep on - when you are not - an embarrasment of comfy sofas, divans, beds etc.

We had a nice meal at the in house restaurant - the carnivores in the band all had excellent steaks and then got ready to go on an about an hour later.

On the way to the stage we passed these bouquets which we assumed were for us - and guess what - they were!

Here we are going out for the encore - the show was good and we've made several references to about escaping the 'madness of Brexit' back in Blighty over the last few gigs, which goes over well with audiences here - the Germans are totally baffled by it (as are we).

Since I knew the flowers were coming I sneaked my phone onstage during the bow and grabbed this shot. Right thats it - I've had four hours sleep last night and am off to bed (I got up early to type this up) - I must be mad! See you tomorrow.

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