I awoke to the peal of church bells sounding out (its Sunday) and our Hamburg hotel is in a nice leafy area of town. We assembled at midday to travel to our last concert in Lubeck (the marzipan capital of Germany). Touring around, one gets to pick up arcane information such as this: for example, most people are unaware that Schweinfurt (where we play often) in Bavaria, is the ball bearing capital of Germany. I'm not sure how useful this information is, but you never know.....

The hotel is situated on this pleasant street. On the left, with his back turned, is Doug, our UK sound guy who is doing this tour as opposed to Verena, our German tech, who is unavailable as she is doing some high powered sound engineering course. I think he's been impressed by the German catering which is much more expansive than what we are used to back in the UK.

More pleasantness - its still warm here despite being 1st September

Walking to our platform at Hamburg Banhof to get the Lubeck train.

Arriving at Lubeck the sponsors picked us up in branded cars (or rather - somebody had slapped some stickers on the side of a car - I'm pretty easily impressed).

Lubeck, I am informed by Jonty, whose wife grew up here, is the old capital of the Hanseatic League - with lots of beautiful medaeval buildings and a UNESCO World Heritage site. The twin spired building on the right was for decades, a warehouse for traded goods: salt, wool etc.

Walking to the theatre - the band last played here on the tour where I got ill, but I still remember it from shows we did here five years ago or so.

Getting ready for soundcheck

The theatre is large and modern and we haven't done quite as well on the tickets as we did last night in Hamburg. We had one comedy moment at the end of the first half, where Dave, who sits stage right, led us offstage only to find find himself opening the door to what was a broom cupboard, not the exit, which meant we were queueing up to get off stage in full view of the giggling audience - before we realised it was the wrong door. I remember we once played a newly built theatre in Oxford, years ago, where the door onto the stage could only be opened by a combination lock to which we were given the number. When the first half finished Dave (again) was the first to the door and punched in the number which (of course didn't work) much to the hilarity of the audience.

and finally, what a nice way to finish the tour - the promoters had presented us all with our own branded truffles to take home (STOP PRESS - packing it away, I've just discovered that its a picture cut out from a poster and stuck on - like I said - easily impressed). We're back on the road in two weeks when we go to Switzerland, Campers - see you then.....


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