Knackered in Koblenz

We were up, not too early, to pile into taxis to take us to our next gig in Koblenz. Tour manager Viola had sensibly booked us first class train tickets to Frankfurt, where we would change for our train to Koblenz.

Nuernberg is a very old town and on our way to the station, Jonty pointed out the old city walls.

You see these quite often in German train stations - beautiful little train sets with urban tableaus of city scenes - this one had a house fire with fire brigades in attendance (right in the centre).

I am doing an MGM Lion style intro for my next ATTC film (on the flight back to London) so I whipped out my mask while we waited for the train, to the bemusement of my colleagues - Richie tried it on!

Due to a delay on the train we found that we would have a very short window of time to get to our connecting train to Koblenz - we lined up ready to run as soon as the train rolled into Frankfurt.

Needless to say after all that running, we missed it, and had to take the next train, which stopped at every station on the way, and had no working toilets in our carriage.

Here's a familiar sight on our German tours - zonked Ukes trying to get the zeds in!

The train ran parallel with the Rhine, one of the great rivers of Europe, for long streches and we passed many castles.

Here's another

and yet another

On arrival at the gig (we've never played in Koblenz before) we found ourselves in a pseudo Chinese 'Peoples Palace' type hall which had pretty good acoustics.

Eating food with the tech crew backstage

 It goes without saying that whenever you are REALLY tired and need a nap - we always seem to end up in a place which has no sofas - here's Will trying to get a nap before showtime.

After a while, I was so tired that I decided to join him on the floor - here's the view from under the table. George Orwell in his book 'Down and Out in London and Paris' mentioned that tramps sleeping on the streets stuffed their clothes with newspaper to keep out the cold, now I know why - marble floors are freezing to sleep on!

And blow me down, if on the flight back, I didn't find myself sitting next to Dave and Hester (plus Ben who had put in a special request to be in the next movie) and I managed to get some footage for my next 'queue' of enraged passengers. That bloke in the middle (an ordinary passenger who mistook the queue as a real one) may find out he's a star one day! Back at the weekend Campers - see you then.

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