Klaipeda, Lithuania

Blackfriars station, London

Crikey! This has been an exhausting one - and we haven't even played the gig yet. We've been booked to play at a festival in Klaipeda, Lithuania and spent pretty much most of yesterday getting here. The day (for me) started at midday, when I got on a train up to London, only to double back on myself to get down to Gatwick Airport for the two flights on Air Baltic to Riga and then on to Palanga (the other side of the country) and then a nice half hour bus journey (as the cherry on top of the journey). The band is seven for this trip, Me, Leisa, Hester, Ben, Rich, Ewan Wardrop (who did the US tour) and Jonty, who joined us later on the trip as he flew in from Hamburg directly.
For a while, the details of this gig were so vague that we weren’t sure if it was going ahead, but we’re here and it is….it’ll certainly be interesting, I've never been to Lithuania before, although my Polish next door neighbour says its a beautiful place.
It’ll be the first time also I’ve flown on Air Baltic (in economy naturelement)

East Croydon station on the way down to Gatwick

Hooking up with the crew at Gatwick Airport

After you go through passport control, all airports seem to funnel you through their shopping/duty free precincts, where, as you walk through you are assailed/harangued by sales peeps to buy their overpriced tat.

17.25 flight to Riga


The plane journey was one of the longer European flights i've done this year - a good two hours and forty minutes. Usually when we fly to Germany, we barely have time to drink a a cup of coffee before we're landing.

If I have any youngsters amongst my readers, who are planning to go into the music biz, let me first just say that the primary rule of the music managment is “keep the talent happy” whether it be: - sex, drugs etc. Here's a picture of me, not very happy at having my knee used as an extra arm rest - the flight was full and it wasn't very comforable.

Arrival at Riga, hello rain!

Going through security again on arrival at Riga (for our internal flight to Palanga)

Waiting Waiting......


Nice packed airport bus to take us to the next flight.

A small prop plane took us on the next journey

It was a hell of a bumpy flight, it turned out that, due to weather conditions, we had to 'go around' as they say in the airline business, meaning that the plane almost landed, but then climbed again to do another approach to due the driving rain. Hester said that the engines sounded like a hoover with something jammed up them!

Picking up our bags at Palanga

We are two times zones ahead of the UK, which means that we'd been nine hours on the road before we checked in to our rooms.

The hotel is good and comfortable - we are all in suites and I'll have a look around tomorrow and report back - GOODNIGHT!

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