High Wycombe

Greetings from your correspondent! I awoke this morning, luxuriating in the knowledge that I am now a fully paid up member of the exclusive International Hotel Group Rewards Club. I had joined last night at the reception desk of the Holiday Inn, along with the rest of the Ukes - its just a blag (free!) to let you stay in the hotel until 2pm, rather than being chucked out at midday. When you're on tour and hopping from one hotel to another, the idea is to stay as long as possible at your hotel in the morning, as check in to the next hotel usually dosen't happen until 3pm. If you're unlucky, you'll be wandering round town like an ownerless dog or sitting in your car in a supermarket car park. 

On the short journey from the theatre to the hotel the previous night, I had nervously noticed, that the light on the dashboard had come on warning me that something was up with the automatic braking system - I decided to push on and arrived at the hotel safely.

It was only when I starting up the car the next morning (the light didn't come on again) that I remembered, somewhat ominously that I wasn't wearing the talisman, i.e.my grandads watch, as its been running slow and is in for a service. However, the one and a half hour drive went perfectly smoothly.

When I'm driving to gigs, I usually listen to podcasts or old jazz music. Having recently started watching Donald Glover's 'Atlanta' on the BBC - about the rap scene in Atlanta, Georgia - I thought I might as well listen to some. It's strange, I grew up in a rock world, but now its very much a hip hop world - plenty of kids I know haven't even heard of the Beatles, David Bowie, Stevie Wonder etc. We've even incorporated a bit into our show with Clean Bandit's 'Rockabye' which Leisa and Hester sing.

So I pulled up 'To Pimp A Butterfly' by Kendrick Lamar on Spotify, and, once you get past all the N words etc, its pretty good! While this may make me sound like some pretentious ageing groover, who's to say that he's not as good as Louis Armstrong? or Kanye West isn't in the same artistic league as Fats Waller? Hadn't I read recently that Lamar had won a Pulitzer prize for his work?

There was some debate in the band about whether we'd played this venue before, half of us thought we had, while the others didn't. This was strange as usually, the moment you walk into a theatre you'll remember it, but not so this time - I can't remember it at all?


Behind the tinsel curtain Campers, lies a world of GLAMOUR! - behold its wonders!

I've become so bored with taking soundcheck photos, that I have now started lying on the floor with my phone to get a different angle.

Rock God photos seem to come out particularly well - give that man a codpiece and a Brian May wig!

I definitely don't remember this barn like room where we ate our dinner, it felt like we were in a Luis Bunuel film (more pretentiousness).

What can I say? The show was sold out, I was fabulous, the Ukes were fabuous, the audience were fabulous and YOU were fabulous (thats enough showbiz insincerity).

An 'LSD' style blurry photo of us going back on for the encore -no we weren't tripping!

There was no signing tonight, all the Ukes are going back to London and Richie is going back to Dorset in his LUXURY CAR!!. Ben and I are staying at the Le Maison du Voyages (Travelodge) well known for its amorous shower curtains and red hot tea and coffee making facilities, before driving home tomorrow.

Back on the road next weekend Campers - have a good week!

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