First of all a big thank you to Peter Nahum, who completely out of the blue, donated £100 to my 2016 ATTC fundraising page

So here we are on the road again for our last two gigs of 2018 (Harrogate and Leeds) we are still playing our Christmas show but are without Jonty who is replaced at these gigs by David Bowie (not that one). My journey up to Harrogate took a six hours, as I fell asleep on the train and missed my connection - nevertheless I arrived with 20 minutes to spare.

With no taxis around, I walked from the train station to the theatre in the pouring rain. We've played here before in 2015 according to this blog, but I didn't take any photos.

 Dame Clara Butt - the famous opera singer

Sarah Bernhardt (the Divine Sarah - idol of Oscar Wilde) gigged here - sometimes we really do stand on the shoulders of giants. I remember we once changed in her dressing room at the Theatre de Ville in Paris when we played there.

 Here are Richie, Ben and Will relaxing in the dressing room prior to the show

Despite being tired, the show went over well and the house was full - plenty of people came along for the playalong bringing their ukuleles. After we finished, most of the band drove straight to Leeds as Will, Ben, Hester and Dave had to do a radio show early in the morning. The hotel is we stayed in is comfortable but wierd, my room was downstairs in the basement and without a window - thats never happened to me before!

Since I couldn't sleep very well (I'm not used to windowless rooms) I got up at 6am, had a walk around and sat and typed this up - I'll probably go back to bed in a moment.

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