Happy New Year

Dear Blog readers

A very Happy New Year and decade to you all. I am ashamed to say that my sword has slept in my hand in these first few weeks, as I have blogged absolutely nada, nothing etc. This is not entirely my own fault as my regular web hosting platform is shutting up shop at the end of January 2020, and I have been forced to migrate to a new web hosting platform. This means that I will probably pick the reins in a few weeks time, as the Ukes have a busy start to the year, with gigs in France, Germany, Austria, Sweden and the USA: but first I must learn how to use the new system (all very boring) so I'll probably try and redesign the whole site. 

So far it has been good to take a break from blogging - I haven't had to whip out my phone to photograph every landmark we pass (we're on tour in Switzerland at the moment and yesterday we stopped at the Rhein Falls -  it was a pleasure just to look at it and not photograph it). My male colleagues will be relieved to know that their balding pates will no longer be photographed (from the back) as we trudge to yet another gig - but I will be back Campers.

Have a good 2021

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