Here, for those of you who want a closer look at the gift that friend and fan Andreas Former gave me at last night's concert: a signed photo of german easy listening duo and sweater connoisseurs - Die Amigos - well here it is! Click on the link and watch them in action - it was precisely watching their TV adverts that got me fascinated by their terrible hairdos and cheesy music (Rich is bit jealous of my pic methinks).

I posted yesterdays blog at the insanely late hour of 1.30AM as there was something wrong with the lock on my room and I couldn't get into it, which meant I had to go back to the bar, where I'd been having a drink with friends while I waited for the desk guy to sort it out. Strangely I felt pretty good at breakfast as we prepared to leave the Stage 47 Hotel and make our way to Hamburg.

Walking to the station

Waiting at the station

Unfortunately, the train wasn't one of the ICE trains that we usually take, but a rather more overcrowded one - not uncomfotable, but sadly without a restaurant car, which I find pretty essential on these long (3.5 hr) journeys.

Once again we come to the fantastic Laeiszhalle in Hamburg, we've played here about 6 or 7 times over the years and while its primarily a classical music venue (Evgeny Kissin plays here pretty often) - the sound can be a bit 'swimming pooly' (especially when we start rocking) - we always get a fantastic welcome. The hall holds 2000 and we had sold it out. I don't know why we get such a warm reception here, but there was s a lot of love for the Ukes out in the hall - everybody was at the top of their game and it was the best show of the tour so far.


 Will has a quick zzzzzz before the show

Plenty of peeps at the merch table and plenty of signing to do - Rich signs a tote bag

After we sign, we usually pose for photos and I've got into the habit of photographing the punters right back! After the show, some of the band went out for a drink with Jonty and his friends (he lives here) while Hester and I took a cab back to the hotel. Last gig tomorrow in Lubeck.

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