I woke up this morning with a bit of metal in my ear (above) and after a bit of research online, came to the conclusion that it must be a grommet from my meningitis episode last march - I'm still waiting for the other one to 'drop' (they come out when they've outlived their usefulness apparently).
So a whole bunch of not much happened today - I went out for a walk while the band rehearsed for the China tour, which I’m skipping (I'm going on holiday with the family). The area where our hotel is situated (L'Inn du Premiere) has been quiet over the weekend, but now, is revealed to be a busy business area and all the tramps that were around yesterday have all moved somewhere else. I have been addressed as 'Big Fella" by several of them.
I went out for a walk after breakfast and came across a pub near the hotel with an Elvis impersonater, then came back and watched some tv, wrote some postcards etc.
Several of us went out for an amble around town before going on to dinner.
Some lovely old buildings in Glasgow
The Ukes walk to dinner
Statue of the Dule of Wellington, probably modified by celebrating Celtic fans over the weekend
Pulling faces again!
We all enjoyed a damn fine (south) Indian meal on the recommendation of Doug, afterwards the others went out for a nightcap, while yours truly hit the hay. I'm probably going to skip the blog tomorrow, Campers as we have two days off here and there's not much to write about until we get to Inverness....

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