Crikey, it’s hot in Scotland, I'd brought up a whole bunch of clothes in case it was cold and the sun has been shining the last two days. I forgot to mention last night that a sweet girl had sought me out after the gig and asked me to sign her CD with the song 'Parlami d'amore Mariu' which I am currently singing/murdering in the show - she said her grandfather used to sing it to her when she was little - its easy to forget, that there are many Scottish people of Italian descent. Anyway, he first thing I saw on getting up this morning was Richie looking very cool and leaving our Edinburgh hotel for Glasgow, he'd brought his car as he had been visiting relatives in Liverpool.
So we left the Mout Ro al Hotel (see yesterday) and made our way to Glasgow on the train, it was a fairly uneventful morning travel wise.
Ben has started gurning for the camera I notice

The scenery of the lowlands is pleasant, but can't really hold a candle to the magnificence of the highlands
Glasgow has a reputation as a hard drinking town, and since we've been up in Scotland, I've noticed that the train carriages are all festooned with empty beer cans - granted it was Cup Final day in Scotland with many people wearing the colours (Celtic vs Motherwell - Celtic won).
More cans of beer
We arrived in Glasgow and went to our hotel, which was a 20 minute train ride from the gig. Its pretty basic and three of the Ukes had to change rooms as they hadn't been cleaned. I watched a bit of the Harry/Megan wedding on TV - the Royals seemed to have rebooted themselves again and then it was time to go to the gig.
So it was a 20 minute train ride to Milngavie where we were playing. On the train we spotted more bottles, one of which Hester thought was meths. I wondered if it might even be the legendary 'Electric Soup" the preferred tipple of Glasgows tramps and alcoholics - a mixture of red wine and methylated spirits or (according to the net) milk with coal gas passed through it.
This was the venue - Doug remembered playing a gig here as a teenage drummer (that would be in 1967) he said it hadn't changed much.
The hall
While it was a pretty basic changing room (unisex - for eight people!) the Ukes are nothing if not practical and we made do!
The gig started at 8.30 which is pretty late for us - this meant that we didn't finish, what with signing and the rest of it, till gone 11. We then had a forty five minute wait for a taxi back to our hotel. The gig though was a good one and I hope we'll be back in Glasgow soon. One thing I noticed was that when we played the Big House in the Country Ukulele Weekender, close to the border, there were many people who came down from Scotland to see us - so the demand is definitely there.

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