Frankfurt to Lorrach

Thank goodness its not a gig day, just travel. Its strange, when you're in a band, the way a day is reversed, unlike regular work where people get up and go to their place of business and then come home and relax in the evening - in showbusiness, the pressure slowly builds up throughout the day until the time of performance, and after the performance -  its time to sleep but you can't sleep, because you're buzzing - this is why performers often turn to stimulants.
Anyway, so much for my comments yesterday about the mild weather, as we left the hotel it turned bitterly cold and started to rain.
Waiting outside our Frankfurt hotel to go to the station
Waiting for our train to Lorrach via Basel (on the Swiss border) - as we often say in the Ukes "Don't be late for the hanging around".
Pretentious and 'arty' shot by yours truly, of the band reflected in the arriving train. Thankfully we were travelling in an ICE train, which are fairly comfortable.
Leisa, Hester and Will relax as we travel to Basel (to change trains for our train to Lorrach).
Cute photo of Richie and this little girl - who was waiting while her Dad bought food in the restaurant car.
As for me, I got stuck into beer and currywurst - pretty much my favourite food when I'm traveliing - its good to be back in Germany!
Then back to my seat for a zzzzzzzz.
Arrival at Basel (still cold) and change on to our train for Lorrach - a short ten minute journey. We had a half hour wait so some of us headed to.......
The station bar - where the beer comes with its own preztel (with pretzel holder!)
Check in at the hotel - there must be an airport near here as there was a flight crew checking in as we arrived. After settling in to our rooms - we reconvened in the evening for a meal and a general band discussion about material for our upcoming gigs later in the month.
We went to a local restaurant around the corner which served good German food.  And then while we talked, we waited and waited and waited - it must have taken 45 minutes from when we sat down to get served.
Having said that, the food when it came was delicious! Gig tomorrow Campers - I'll keep you posted.

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