After a fitful nights sleep I was up early again and came down to breakfast and was joined by Jonty, Richie and Verena. I have brought lots of warm clothes, but the weather is fairly mild in Germany at the moment, nevertheless it is always good to be prepared.

Since I had an hour to kill before we left and conscious of the fact that we never see ANYTHING when we tour as we are always moving, I went for a walk around town (our hotel was pretty much in the centre) - I took in the Cathedral

And since the old Jewish cemetary which I read about yesterday was within walking distance, I popped over for a look.

I quite like graveyards and find them tranquil places - this one is older than the famous one in Prague (the oldest tombstone still legible dates from 1058/59) and has some reknowned medieval rabbis buried here.

Stones placed on a gravestone - an interesting custom

 Band posing for a photo at Worms train station. 

Arrival in Frankfurt

So we jumped on our train to Frankfurt - which was a short journey of an hour and checked into our hotel - just around the corner from the red light district as I found out when I went looking for something to eat (Korean food - delicious!).

This is the Alte Oper, a great barn of a place - we've played here before (can't remember when) but I'm always impressed by these beautiful halls we find ourselves in.

And here's our dressing room - which, despite all the opulence and the gilt, had no sofa to have a sleep on, so it was flat on the floor for a snooze once again.

Apparently we'd sold 1700 tickets, which wasn't bad going - some big cheeses play here: Simon Rattle, Jonas Kaufman and Rolando Villazon have all got gigs here next month. Since it was a Sunday our show was a matinee (5pm).

 Hester skyping her daughter back home

 Waiting to go onstage

Signing merchandise after the show

The gig went over well and the audience were highly enthusiastic - I've noticed that I sometimes hum while we're playing (Glenn Gould style) to 'balance' my ears (I had an operation in my left ear due to my meningitis episode) hopefully I'm not heard over the general racket. Our signing sessions are getting more chaotic, with people appearing from left, right and centre (and sometimes behind) thrusting CDs/DVDs in front of us - I was standing next to Ben at the end of the line, and he was left shouting like a carnival barker "who's is this?" holding up various bits of unclaimed merchandise. Thanks to everybody who came along, including some old friends. Afterwards we all piled back to the hotel for a drink, and then for me - an early bedtime. No gig tomorrow Campers, just travel - I'll keep you posted.

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