Yesterday was a pretty tiring day - we'd done a late show at Kiel (it started at 8.30pm - normally it's 7.30pm) which meant we didn't get back to our hotel until midnight and then we had to be up in time to leave the hotel at 8am for out journey to Dusseldorf. This is the view out of my hotel window - fortunately I was out of my room before the pneumatic drills started.

It's been stiflingly hot as well - here's us walking to the station 

The journey to Dusseldorf would involve changing at Hannover and take around two and a half hours.   Changing trains at Hannover Viola checks the train schedule  

Dozing/Sleeping/TV watching/Gaming Ukes 


Getting food 

Rich and Ben queue for food 

My food 

Walking to the hotel in Dusseldorf 

Walking to the Savoy theatre 

Soundchecking - it was incredibly hot in the theatre 


and finally signing after the show, despite the heat - it was good to see several friends in the audience who joined us for a drink afterwards - Andreas and Sonia, Doris and Klaus, and Eva, who had made the long journey from Austria.

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